Physical Therapy serving the Los Angeles Area

A Multifaceted Problem

At Rehab Specialists Inc.we understand that chronic pain is a multifaceted problem, and that new research reveals that the most effective approach is the biopsychosocial approach. We believe in treating the patient as a whole person, and developing a therapeutic alliance to encourage improved self-efficacy and independence in managing their condition.

Traditional physical therapy focuses on biomechanics, posture, strength, and range of motion.

In addition to performing traditional physical therapy treatments, we also treat central sensitivity and fear of movement.

We Do This Through: 


  1. Graded exposure to movement
  2. Mirror therapy
  3. Graded motor imagery
  4. Desensitization

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Our Clinic is also equipped with a state of the art virtual reality system with programs geared towards treating chronic pain. These unique treatments are based on the discoveries found in the latest pain neuroscience research where fear avoidance and central sensitization are driving factors in the persistent-pain syndromes. Additionally, our clinics have warm water pools to provide low level patients the opportunity to improve their physical capacity with less pain. 

Over 40 Years Combined Experience

Ultimately, our experienced clinicians have over 40 years of combined experience treating patients with chronic pain conditions. We specialize in treating complex regional pain syndrome, and see multiple cases per week. We also have experience treating conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, and headaches.

If you have additional questions regarding specific unique treatments provided at Rehab Specialists, Inc. please do not hesitate to contact our primary chronic pain specialists.


Our goal in physical therapy always has been to get the individuals back to function as much as possible. This should help patients recreate the pattern by giving support and allowing the therapist to use neurodynamic resistance and assistance in moving the body forward