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What can physical therapy do to help me post surgery?

Physical therapists are professionals who work with muscles and bones. They will understand your needs and will be willing to retrain your body. They will guide you through ways to decrease pain and correctly improve your movement. Physical therapy will help you to know the timeline for the healing process.

Physical and Occupational Therapy for Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Once the decision has been made that you need surgery, you have many things to think about. When the surgery is over your physician may be very satisfied with the results of the surgery, but you need to know how to go about getting back to full function without re-injuring yourself.   At Rehab Specialists our physical and occupational therapists will help answer your questions like the ones below.

When should you seek or ask for help from physical therapy?

Depending on the surgery, often physical therapists may begin getting you moving before you leave the hospital. In a perfect world, you would see the physical therapist pre-surgery for an evaluation. This way the therapist can give you exercises to help you strengthen or stretch pre-surgery.

When this is done many patients find that they are less fearful and more functional in a shorter period of time.

Why is it important to do physical and occupational therapy post operatively?

Often patients are told to just go home and walk or use your limb. The surgery will take care of itself.   Muscles and bones do heal without help; however the way that they heal may not be in an optimal position to allow you to continue to move without restrictions unless you do the proper stretching and strengthening that pertains to your injury. 

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What surgeries do the PT’s at Rehab Specialists treat?

The primary areas of treatment sites are as follows:       

  KNEE: Total and partial knee replacements; Menisectomies; Tendon Ruptures; Joint debridement
  HIP: Total hip replacements; Labral tears; Fractures
  SPINE: Laminectomies; Laminectomies and fusions; Spinal Stenosis; Disc replacements; Micro-discectomy; Kyphoplasty; Fracture
  SHOULDER: Total Shoulder Replacements; Reverse Shoulder replacements; Rotator Cuff repairs; Labral tears; Fractures
  ELBOW: Nerve transpositions; Fractures; Dislocations

Muscles may heal in a lengthened or tightened position that will then alter the way that you move and put undue strain on other structures. This could lead to other problems in other joints later on.


Why choose Rehab Specialists Inc.?

Rehab Specialists has three offices, Beverly Hills, Encino, and Santa Monica that offer exceptional care for post-op orthopedic patients.   We have many therapists on staff who have been board certified as Orthopedic Clinical Specialists. We listen to your concerns and do a thorough evaluation.

Together we establish a treatment plan considering your goals and then communicate with your physician regarding your progress and care.