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Aquatic Fitness Classes

Aqua Flex’n Stretch, founded and run by Deborah K. Goldberger, (MBA, Aquatic Exercise Association, Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute, Arthritis Foundation, IDEA, CPR/AED) has been providing certified aquatic fitness wellness throughout the Los Angeles area for over 15 years.

Whether you are looking to strengthen before a surgery, rehabilitating after Physical Therapy, or want to improve your overall fitness, the water is for you. Aqua Flex’n Stretch offers a wide range of individualized and group sessions and provides all the equipment.


  1. Improve overall health and fitness
  2. Pre or post physical therapy/rehabilitation
  3. Defy gravity in buoyant water = low impact/stress
  4. Improve balance, flexibility and posture
  5. Control weight and tone up body
  6. Strengthen your heart and increase energy
  7. Improve sleep
  8. Build muscles and strength and maintain/improve
  9. Have fun and laugh (it’s medicine)
  10. Gain without pain

Aqua Flex'n Stretch Class © Rehab Specialists Inc.


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Movement = circulation = life!

Aqua Flex'n Stretch Class © Rehab Specialists Inc.