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Warm Salt-Water Pool

Let our warm salt-water pool restore your body to its prior level of function. Whether you are recovering from an injury, currently pregnant or post-partum, or have been suffering from chronic pain or weakness pool therapy can help.

Available at our Santa Monica & Encino locations.

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Water Benefits for Rehabilitation

Our aquatic therapists have years of experience using warm water to decrease your pain, promote relaxation, and gently strengthen. They will tailor your therapy to your individual needs.

The therapeutic pressure of the water promotes blood flow to the cardiac, pulmonary and musculoskeletal systems and decreases inflammation.

The buoyancy of our salt-water pool decreases weight bearing on aching joints, including the vertebrae. Our skilled therapists utilize aquatic exercise equipment as well as manual techniques to further offload joints.

The turbulence and drag forces created by the water also challenge balance and promote neuroplasticity for patients whose stability may be decreasing from neurologic disease or muscle weakness. Many doctors are drawn to our practice because of our aquatic therapy capabilities, which are not found in the majority physical practices.

The versatility of aquatic therapy ensures that a program can be designed to address the particular symptoms from which you may be suffering.

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