Physical Therapy serving the Los Angeles Area

Gail Pekelis has been a physical therapist in Southern California for almost 30 years. Her broad experience ranges from neurological and orthopedic conditions to cancer rehabilitation and high-risk pregnancy.

Women's Physical Therapy

In treating high–risk pregnant women, Gail has contracted with home uterine monitoring companies from Santa Barbara to San Diego to provide physical therapy services to women restricted for long periods of time to bed rest. Working out of her three offices, in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Encino, Gail treats men and women experiencing pain and dysfunction. In addition, she provides aquatic physical therapy in the Rehab Specialists pool facilities.

Gail Pekelis MA, PT, CLT, Owner
Gail Pekelis MA, PT, CLT, Owner

Specialized Programs

Gail has developed specialized programs addressing the physical therapy needs of many conditions. These include male and female incontinence, pelvic pain syndromes, cancer rehabilitation, and chronic pain. She has also taught courses relating to men’s and women’s health at Santa Monica College and Mount Saint Mary’s College.

As a physical therapist, Gail has had many years of acquiring skills, knowledge and resources to offer the men, women and children whom she treats. The fact that she is married and has four children and four grandchildren adds to her wealth of experience.

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Gail Pekelis MA, PT, CLT, Owner