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Celia has worked as a physical therapist for 33 years in a variety of settings, including acute and outpatient care, inpatient neurological rehabilitation, work reconditioning and work hardening, pediatric physical therapy, and chronic pain management of adults and children.

She has experience treating patients with chronic pain and associated disability in the clinic as well as the therapeutic pool. She incorporates graded motor imagery, imagined movements and mirror box therapy into dry land treatment. 

Celia Sabin de Mayo, PT, MA, OCS

In the therapeutic pool, she works on graded exposure to movement as well as fitness conditioning. Her purpose is to maximize each patient’s activity tolerance to help them achieve their maximal functional level.

Celia attended UCLA, where she earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology. From there, she attended Stanford University, where she was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Physical Therapy.


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